5 Best Detox Teas for Weight Loss

Do you ever feel so sluggish, run-down and just generally blah, and you wish you could somehow hit the reset button?

A detox may be exactly what you need!

While cleaning up your diet can help your body naturally purge toxins, it may not always be enough.

That’s because you also absorb toxins and chemicals from your environment, like pesticides, plastics, cleaning products, air pollution, and so on. (Don’t even get me started on Roundup!)

It’s important to flush these toxins out of the body regularly to make sure that your body’s systems are running properly.

5 Best Detox Teas for Weight Loss

Detox teas are a great solution to help clean these toxins out of your body, improve your digestion and organ function, and just make you feel better overall.

Detoxing can also help increase natural energy, reduce stress, promote better mood and can even improve sleep.

Plus, if you are trying to lose weight and having a hard time shedding those pounds, your body might be in desperate need of a detox.

That’s because when you have a buildup of toxins in your body, your body can no longer process good or bad foods properly, so your results from dieting can slow down dramatically.

Below are other benefits that detox teas (and doing a detox in general) can provide:

• Reduced belly bloat
• Constipation relief
• Reduced inflammation
• Stomach cramp relief
• Improved immune system functioning
• Weight loss
• Improved blood sugar levels
• Relief of indigestion
• Heals intestinal lining
• Helps heal infections
• Cleanse the colon
• Eliminate toxins
• Cleanse liver
Relieve stress
• Relieve anxiety
• Contains cancer-fighting antioxidants.

If that isn’t enough incentive for you to give yourself a much-needed detox, then I don’t know what is!

Before we get into some specific recommendations, let’s talk about what you need to look for when searching for the right detox tea.

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Selecting a Good Detox Tea Brand

When selecting a good detox tea for weight loss, here’s what you want to watch out for:

Use Trusted Brands

There are plenty of less than favorable brands out there selling health products, so always check to make sure the company making your tea is reputable (i.e., don’t buy your tea from just any random company).

I made sure that these teas came from a trusted brand with good standards in the industry!

Don’t Starve Yourself

Watch out for tea companies suggesting you starve yourself during a tea-tox.

Doing a good tea detox for weight loss isn’t about starving yourself for 14+ days. It’s about using teas alongside clean eating to rid yourself of excess toxins and weight.

So if the directions on your detox tea are to drink only tea and eat nothing, move along!

Don’t Shop Solely By Price

Not that you should be spending $5,000 detoxing, but buying teas at $2 for a box of 50 is not a good idea either.

Tea is fairly inexpensive anyway, and since the name of the game is flushing toxins out of your body, go the extra step and buy a high-quality tea.

These usually run around $15-$30 per box, which is typically a one-month supply.

Read the Reviews

The number of positive reviews a tea receives is important.

People have different reactions to different health products, so it’s important that you read the user experiences.

Choose a brand with PLENTY of user testimonials, not just one that has a cool name or pretty packaging!

Go Organic Whenever Possible

Unlike underground veggies like potatoes, plants with leaves have lots of surface area, making them very susceptible to pesticides and toxicity.

Tea leaves and herbal components like dandelion roots are no different.

When choosing a detox tea, go for organic whenever possible.

It’s really not that much more expensive, and it’s much better for your long-term health.

A Few Extra Pointers

Always remember to listen to your body when you’re trying out a new detox.

Everyone responds in different ways, and it’s important to pay attention to when your body is telling you that something is working or not working.

Our Favorite Detox Teas

So now all you need to do is select the right tea for you!

Below are our tops picks, all of which are very effective, have great reviews, and won’t break the bank!

1. Total Tea – Gentle Detox Tea for Weight Loss

What’s great about this tea:

This tea has literally thousands of great reviews on Amazon, and is their top choice for detox teas.

It has ten beneficial ingredients, no caffeine, and no artificial anything.

The main detox ingredient is senna, which is a gentle herbal supplement that will help cleanse your colon and reduce belly bloat.

What could be better: 

Not a lot really. There’s a reason it’s our #1 choice!

Rating: 10/10

See it on Amazon here.

2. Yogi Detox Tea

What’s great about this tea:

Yogi Teas is one of the biggest and BEST brands at providing high-quality tea to its customers, and this tea is USDA certified organic.

The main detoxifying ingredients of this tea are dandelion, burdock, and a few different peppers, which help cleanse your liver and colon, as well as reduce inflammation.

Since all of the ingredients are herbal, it is 100% caffeine free–so feel free to enjoy this any time of day.

It’s a solid tea from a very well established company with over 1,000+ positive reviews on this tea alone.

What could be better: 

This tea is pretty spicy.

Some people could get an upset stomach from a tea like this, but plenty of people enjoy it without issue.

The health benefits definitely make it worth trying something a little on the adventurous side!

Rating: 9/10

See it on Amazon here.

3. BaeTea Weight Loss Tea

What’s great about this tea: 

This tea is backed by a great brand, tastes great, and also adds a little caffeine boost from green tea, oolong wu yi tea, and guarana.

It also includes stevia leaf, so this is a great option if you prefer your tea a little sweet, but don’t want to ruin your detox by adding sugar to your tea.

Rooibos and ginger are both excellent for soothing a tender stomach, and several of the ingredients are natural appetite suppressants–so it is a good choice if you are trying to cut back on how much you eat.

Plus, it doesn’t include laxatives like senna or licorice, so it is a good alternative if you have a sensitive digestive system.

What could be better: 

This tea does include a fair amount of caffeine, so this isn’t something you should drink at night.

Rating: 8.25/10

See it on Amazon here.

4. Fatbom Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea

What’s great about this tea: 

We love this detox tea because it is meant to balance the flora in your gut, rather than just flush out your digestive tract.

It also reduces inflammation to promote increased digestion and metabolism, and the green tea boosts energy.

Plus, it tastes yummy, thanks to ingredients like apple, cinnamon and orange peel.

What could be better: 

The caffeine content, though minimal, might keep you up at night–so drink this one during the day.

Rating: 8.25/10

See it on Amazon here.

5. Hint Wellness 14-Day Tea Detox

What’s great about this tea:

This tea is especially good for people looking to get rid of serious belly bloat.

It’s also a great option if you live somewhere with long, cold winters, since it contains immune-boosting, skin-brightening ingredients like rose hips, which have a lot of vitamin C.

The dandelion root will definitely get your digestive system moving, as well as help cleanse your liver.

What could be better: 

It’s not a very gentle detox as far as bowel movements go, and you should be prepared for that.

A lot of the top reviews agreed on this point.

Also, look out for common allergens in this tea, such a black walnut, milk thistle, and nettle.

Rating: 7.5/10

See it on Amazon here.

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