Don’t Make These 4 Weight Loss Challenge Mistakes

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You’ve committed to losing weight – congratulations to you! That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy though, and I want to help you avoid common weight loss challenge mistakes.

Many people, especially women, struggle with losing weight. You may have already tried a weight loss challenge with no luck.

Or maybe you have simply tried and failed to lose weight completely on your own.

We understand how frustrating it is to try to lose weight without being able to.

Diets to lose weight quickly and best weight loss diets for women all have one thing in common – they make big promises, and not everyone will succeed at them.

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The unfortunate truth is that regardless of the challenge they choose, you could still fail. This is true even of our own challenge.

While we created the Avocadu 21-day fat loss challenge based on scientific research to promote rapid weight loss, even some of our participants don’t succeed.

Lose Weight Quick with the Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

The reason? They are making one or all of the four mistakes we’re sharing below.

Read through the four common mistakes we see people making with a weight loss challenge and see for yourself if you’re guilty of making them.

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1. Doing it Alone 

Weight Loss Challenge Mistakes doing it alone

Committing to a weight loss challenge whether you’re trying a diet to lose weight quickly, or just want to be healthier overall is a big deal.

It’s a serious step towards living your best and healthiest life, and it’s certainly something to be excited about.

That being said, don’t do it alone! This doesn’t mean you need someone in your household or a close friend to lose weight with you, but you absolutely need support.

You need people in your corner cheering you on and rooting for you. If no one in your life is joining you on your weight loss journey, you need a group of people to turn to for support when it gets rough – and we’re sorry to say, it will get rough.

Luckily, our program understands the importance of support. That’s why we’ve created a support group that is included with our fat loss challenge.

This support group is available to every single person who participates because we are acutely aware of the fact how much easier it is to accomplish something when you don’t feel alone. 

Everyone should feel as though they can connect with a support group of like minded people trying to lose weight to promote support, motivation, and accountability.

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2. Doing it Without a Plan

Weight Loss Challenge Mistakes no plan

Losing weight is hard enough and trying to do so without having a solid plan in place makes it even more difficult. In general, tasks are easier to accomplish when you have set a plan in place to accomplish those tasks, right?

Losing weight is no different. You need structure to reach your goals and keep yourself on track.

Trying to lose weight without a plan in place will likely leave you feeling frustrated and unsuccessful.

Think of it like your phone’s GPS or even the paper maps of yesteryear. If you were trying to take a road trip to a new destination, you would likely need directions to get there. A road map can tell you the path you need to take.

Regardless of the program you choose, a detailed plan will help you get where you’re trying to go.

Our program offers a detailed, solid, and simple plan to help you lose weight. We’ve written it all out for you and made our plan as simple as possible.

Within our program, you will find daily plans focused on your diet and exercise for the day. All you have to do is follow along and stick to the plan to see the results you desire. 

3. Eating Too Little

Weight Loss Challenge Mistakes not eating enough

In truth, this mistake is one that is often made when you choose a bad weight loss challenge. Nutrition and diet are so important when it comes to weight loss, but you don’t want to undereat.

Our bodies need nutrients and minerals to survive and it’s incredibly important to ensure we’re giving our bodies what they need. Eating too little will leave you feeling fatigued, unmotivated, and unhealthy.

Many diets and programs out there will ask you to undereat to lose weight, but we don’t. Sure, you could undereat for weeks on end and it may lead to weight loss, but you won’t be healthy.

In fact, under-eating will make you much more likely to binge and potentially quit. Bottom line – Safety should always be a top priority when losing weight. 

Our 21 day weight loss challenge program encourages you to eat enough to stay healthy while also promoting weight loss. We have done our research on nutrients and diet and have compiled a list of approved and non-approved foods for you.

The key isn’t to eat too little, the key is to eat less and ensure what we’re eating covers the basis of our nutritional needs without stunting our weight loss. 

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4. Working Out Too Much

Weight Loss Challenge Mistakes working out too much

Yes, it is possible to work out too much while participating in a weight loss challenge.

While you may think working out excessively will boost your weight loss, that isn’t exactly true. The same way we approach diet in moderation when it comes to weight loss, we want to view exercising in that same light.

Simply put, working out too much is unhealthy and can be unsafe. As we mentioned above, safety should always be a top priority when trying to lose weight.

Working out too much is unsustainable for most people and may lead to stress.

If that wasn’t reason enough to squash the overexertion – perhaps this is: Did you know that when you work out too much, your body can sometimes go into a survival mode and hang on to that stubborn fat even more than it would if you’d been a little less gungho about exercising?

The Medanta eClinic found, “If you exercise too hard on a daily basis, there is an excess of inflammation in your body. All the added up inflammation makes you gain more weight than lose.”

They went on to warn that “your body eventually adapts to your workout regime and becomes more efficient, spending fewer calories and slowing down your weight loss progress.”


In our fat loss challenge, we value the importance of working out without asking you to over do it. We recommend two workouts: a 30 minute daily walk and 30 minute resistance based circuit training.

We chose these exercises for a reason – they promote weight loss. Incorporating exercise into our program will boost your weight loss journey without putting crazy stress on your body.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Weight Loss Challenge Mistakes next steps

It’s common for women (and men!) to run into issues while trying to lose weight. With the countless amount of programs and challenges out there that run on empty promises and dangerous methods, the amount of misinformation regarding rapid weight loss is overflowing.

The Avocadu 21-day fat loss challenge highlights safe and effective ways to lose weight quickly, including diets, exercise, motivation guides, and more. We lay it all out for you in a detailed and simple manner to make it as easy as we can!

We offer amazing tips and tricks for weight loss, but we can’t overlook the mistakes people make with a weight loss challenge.

That’s why we wanted to lay them out for you so you can avoid making these mistakes in your weight loss journey.

If you’re ready to commit to losing weight, we’d love to help you along the way. Click here and sign up for our 21-day fat loss challenge.

Lose Weight Quick with the Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

Not quite ready? That’s okay. We want you to be completely committed before you sign up. That’s why we’d like to give you a free taste of the program. Sign up for the 21-day “lite” training guide completely free!

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