How to Lose Weight Without Exercising

Exercise is GREAT for you.  Don’t get us wrong there.  Some people just don’t want to do it though, so I’m going to teach you how to lose weight without exercising.

Exercise? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

There are many reasons why people can’t or just don’t want to exercise…

  • Joint pains and problems (very common)
  • Time constraints
  • It’s sweaty and gross.
  • It can be especially painful if you have a lot of weight to lose.

And while exercise has plenty of benefits associated with it, you’d be surprised to know that it has very LITTLE to do with losing weight.

In fact, a recent study done by Current Biology took 322 adults from 5 different countries through a calorie reduction weight loss program.  They split the groups between those that did exercise and those that did not.

Shockingly enough, adding in exercise did not play ANY major role in calories burned or weight lost.  And for those that saw changes, they were minor at best.

Besides the science, we have the results to back this claim.

The first 8 days of our popular fast weight loss program does not require ANY exercise, and people are losing an average of 7-10 lbs in the first week of the diet!  Look at the bottom of this article for more information on that.

Results like those just go to prove that you can lose weight WITHOUT exercising.  It really plays a minor role in effective weight loss.

So how do you do it?  It’s simple….

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1. Carbs are enemy #1 to the workout-averse.

avoid carbohydrates to lose weight

If you are not working out, carbohydrates are not your friend.

More like an arch enemy.  If you are not exercising, you are not using your glycogen stores (glycogen is what carbohydrates are converted into for energy). And if you’re not using your glycogen stores, 90% of the time they are getting converted into fat.

Plain and simple.  In order to truly lose weight without exercise, you must avoid carbohydrates at all cost.

2. Learning intermittent fasting can be your biggest asset.

Intermittent fasting is a protocol where you spend hours at a time not eating.  This has been proven beneficial for weight loss, brain function, skin health, immunity, and many others.

But also has other benefits…  Intermittent fasting will make avoiding carbohydrates A LOT easier.  It also makes eating fewer calories a cinch.

Try a 24-hour fast for starters, and see how you do.  Note that this does not mean going from sun-up to sun-down without eating.  You will eat your last meal at 5 pm and then your next meal at 5 pm the following day (24 hours).

It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds!  Next up on the list of how to lose weight without exercising is protein!

3. Eat more protein than you think you need.

Many of you will be thinking, ok I know what NOT to eat… But, what do I eat?

The short answer – protein and vegetables.  Protein has been proven to increase metabolic rate, preserve lean muscle tissue, and help you feel more full after eating.  All of these things are great for losing weight!

Eat more protein!

High-quality lean proteins like wild salmon, organic chicken, cage-free eggs, and whey protein are the best sources.  They are pretty yummy too.  If you are a vegan, protein shakes and tofu are your best options.

4. Go for a daily walk.

daily walk to lose weight

This is optional, but it helps more than you think.

Some of you are suffering from extreme joint and back pain, so it may be a tall task.  Go slowly.  The daily walk is about getting off of the chair and getting some blood flowing.  Not about speed walking with weights.

Daily walks have been shown to be a meditative process and help lower cortisol levels.

It’s also a great time for reflection or connecting with a friend.  Alex and I take one almost every day.

5. Eat low-carb vegetables like your life depends on it.

It may take some time to adjust to the low-carbohydrate lifestyle.  Many of the old flavors and tastes will be missing.

That’s why this is important:  You must become the master of low-carb vegetables.

There are tons of recipes and options, such as:

  • Roasted Garlic Cauliflower
  • Baked Zucchini Fries
  • Roasted Cajun Carrots

There are tons of different combinations you can do.  The point is that these are important because of the micronutrients they give you, and the added fiber will help prevent sugar cravings.

6. Drink copious amounts of black coffee and green tea.

suppress appetite with coffee

Many people need a kick in the metabolic butt.  Thankfully, these drinks will do just that.

Both have been proven to stimulate your metabolism and improve your metabolic rate.  Also, green tea can be counted towards your daily water intake.

If you don’t do caffeine, try decaf.  Strange but true, it has been proven to be one of the best appetite suppressants you can use.

7. Join a community and participate.

This may sound silly, but it’s not.  One of the most powerful motivators in existence is peer pressure.  It may have a negative stigma, but that’s just because it works.

Joining up with other people looking to achieve the same goals as you is a powerful and effective motivator.  Try to join up with others trying to achieve similar results.

Oh, and you need to speak up.

  • Become an active member.
  • Help others and let others help you.

If you liked this article on losing weight without exercising and are ready to make a serious change in your diet for the long-term, our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge is a great place to start.

It does include a workout program and building healthy habits like daily walking, but most of the results come from the diet plan!

People lose an average of 10-21 pounds in 21 days and absolutely love it!  But even better than the weight loss is the feedback we get from people about how the program has taught them how to change their eating habits and find a diet that truly works for them in the long-term.

Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

We have over 1,000 people in our private support group going through the Challenge together, and every day they are sharing experiences, results, motivation, and lots of recipes!

If you are ready to make some changes in your life, this is the ONLY place you should start.  We will teach you exactly how to make the necessary changes in your diet and your lifestyle and how to keep them “beyond the diet.”


  1. Hi There,

    Thank you for sharing this article!

    It is very important to follow a schedule whenever you are going to execute a weight loss plan. Doing regular exercise and consumption of low-calorie foods are the two main considerations to reduce weight. These are really very useful weight loss tips .


    1. Hey Kristen, we couldn’t agree more! We don’t advocate not to exercise when trying to lose weight, EXCEPT when the person is unable or unwilling to exercise. We simply emphasize the diet piece of those two considerations more, because diet alone does have a much larger impact on weight loss than exercise alone. Thanks for your input! 🙂

  2. Hey Anon. Actually, it’s incredibly healthy!

    Here’s an article on all of the peer-reviewed documented studies on the many health benefits of fasting:

    The thought that you body “should not go that long without food” is based on outdated science performed in the late 1970’s. New research shows the exact opposite to be true. The body is designed to go for periods of time without food.

    Here’s another resource about Intermittent Fasting that may help you:

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