10 Fast Weight Loss Tips if You Weigh 200 lbs or More

Do you feel like you’ve tried just about every diet and weight loss plan under the sun?

And no matter what you do or eat, nothing seems to stick?

It just plain sucks to watch the scale slowly creep up higher and higher, leaving you feeling out of control and powerless.

Or perhaps you just don’t even look at the scale anymore.

 You know you desperately want to lose weight, but no matter what you do, your weight is only moving in one direction.

And it’s the wrong one.

Because getting back to ONEderland just feels unrealistic.

We get it. Weight loss isn’t a numbers game.

It’s much deeper than data and calories.

It’s an emotional trip.

Women showing she lost weight by how big her pants are on her now

But rather than focusing on the past, let’s look focus on what we can change: the present.

Where are you going? Where do you WANT to go?

What would your life look like if you lost 100 pounds?

Let’s make changes RIGHT NOW that will start you on the path towards getting there.

We’ve helped thousands of women get there with our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge.

Women like Lexie, who has lost 100 pounds in under a year.

We can help you too. The principles that we are going to discuss in this article are tried and true — straight from our clients.

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1. You’re Unique and Need a Unique Strategy

If you weigh 200 pounds, you’re going to need to do things differently than someone that only has 20 pounds to lose.

Just like women should have different weight loss pans than men.

Because everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dieting and weight loss. 

This is probably why most plans have failed you in the past.

They just weren’t right for YOU.

The first step is that you need to find a diet and weight loss plan that is designed specifically for YOU.

Your body, your situation, etc.

2. Take a Break From Exercise (For Now)

Whoaaaaa, what!? Let me explain.

Exercise is fantastic for you and should absolutely be a part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle.

But if you weigh 200 pounds and have more than 100 of that to lose, exercise should NOT be your main focus right now.

Most weight loss plans also put you on an intensive exercise routine to go along with it and all it ends up doing is stressing out your joints and wearing out your willpower.

joint pain exercising over 200 pounds

Our clients lose 10-21 pounds in 21 days without any exercise.

Well, we do recommend daily walks because they’re great for your health for a variety of reasons, but no intensive exercise.

And the reason for this diet plays FAR more of a role than exercise does when it comes to weight loss.

In fact, a recent study done by Current Biology took 322 adults from 5 different countries through a calorie reduction weight loss program.  They split the groups between those that did exercise and those that did not.

Shockingly enough, adding in exercise did not play ANY major role over calories burned or weight lost.  And for those that saw changes, they were minor at best.

The phrase “you can’t outrun a bad diet.” is 100% true.

First, you need to focus on getting your diet on track. Focus 100% of your willpower on this until it becomes a habit.

Only then should you start sacrificing some of that precious willpower to work out more.

Unless you just LOVE exercising… in that case, don’t let us stop you!

3. Embrace Your Emotions

As we said in the beginning of this article, this is an emotional process.

You’ve got 200 pounds of baggage you’re holding onto (literally, figuratively, and emotionally).

But that’s okay. You should acknowledge it. Don’t let it have power over you.

Binge eating and emotional eating can be very dangerous, but even more so when you do it subconsciously.

In fact, Dr. Michael Mantell from Greatist found that there were 5 main negative emotional factors that cause binge and emotional eating:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dopamine (searching out rewards from boredom)
  • Community Peer Pressure

Tackling these is crucial to fast weight loss success.

One of the ways that you can combat this is to not go through this process alone.

Find a support system, whether it be a friend, your family, or a community.

Our weight loss program comes with access to a community full of women that are going through the diet challenge together.

So that you have the help and support that you need every step of the way.

4. Detox to Fight Insulin Resistance

eliminate carbs to minimize calories

Carb police coming in hot here.

Actually, we don’t hate carbohydrates. Some of them are very healthy for you.

But imagine that your body is enable to process even healthy carbohydrates anymore… that even the healthy carbs are sticking to your body like glue.

It’s a pesky little problem called insulin resistance, and it’s extremely common.

So common that if you are actually over 200 pounds or close to it, it’s very likely that you suffer from it and don’t know.

And that’s just the first step. The next steps are pre-diabetes and diabetes, if this goes unchecked.

You can begin to fight this process and reset your hormones through a complete carbohydrate detox.

Cut them out for at least one month to give your body a chance to repair itself and be ready to shed that weight quickly!

P.S. The side effects when this is done properly are that you will lose an average of 5-7 pounds in the very first WEEK.

5. You’re Probably Leptin-Resistant

Speaking of hormones…

Leptin is the hormone designed to  send the brain these two important messages:

  • I’m full and have had enough to eat.
  • I’ve got some extra calories to burn, let’s go exercise!

Two very important messages, right?

You’re probably wondering where the heck your little leptin messenger has gone off to.

Unfortunately, leptin gets blocked when you suffer from insulin resistance. 

This is another reason that we think you should focus more on diet and less on exercise.

Beacuse your exercise efforts aren’t going to be as effective when your body and your hormones are all out of whack.

Cutting down on carbohydrates and eating lots of lean protein and veggies will help level out your leptin. 

6. Your Gut Needs to Heal First

gut health is a major part of the fast weight loss tips if you weigh 200 lbs or more

Gut inflammation is another pesky and problematic side effects of the poor diet and excessive weight that you’re carrying.

This is another reason that your body can no longer process even healthy foods anymore.

When you suffer from a leaky gut, you’re not able to absorb nutrients properly from food and it makes trying to lose weight VERY difficult. 

Thankfully, it’s not very difficult to heal your gut.

The best thing that you can to is to stop eating foods that harm your gut health (mainly sugar and processed foods) and replace them with the right foods (lean protein and fiber-rich vegetables).

Taking a good probiotic supplement can also help to balance out your gut flora.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Walking

Walking is surprisingly effective for weight loss.

Yep, just normal old walking.

  • It improves fat burning. Because walking is not intense like jogging, you won’t dip into glycogen stores, and you will primarily burn fat.
  • It improves posture. This has also been proven to lower cortisol levels, which is your stress and stubborn fat-holding hormone!
  • It improves blood flow. The better your circulation, the better your health is and faster weight will be lost! 🙂

And it just generally helps you build better habits and clear your mind of the clutter that can inhibit motivation and weight loss efforts.

If you’re suffering from any kind of knee or hip problems, just do what you can.

The point is to move your body, so do whatever you can, every day.

8. You Don’t Have to Count Calories

calories junk food

Counting calories is a great model for bodybuilders looking to get to 5% body fat or overly obsessed personal trainers looking to take mirror photos.

And it can be great for weight loss when it’s done properly or if you’re just a type A person and enjoy it (weirdo).

But counting calories doesn’t often work for the average person weighing over 200 pounds and trying to lose a LOT of weight.

Aside from the fact that people’s calculations are notoriously inaccurate, even with the use of apps…

It’s mostly ineffective due to the hormonal damage that we spoke of earlier.

Remember that when your hormones and your gut health are that severely damaged, you won’t be able to process even the healthy foods very well anymore.

This is why you generally need something like a carbohydrate detox paired WITH the right diet to jumpstart your weight loss.

Not only that, but once you fix those problems, you never have to worry about counting calories when you’re eating the right kinds of foods.

9. You Need to See Results Faster

A big problem with most diets is that they just don’t get us results fast enough.

Our motivation and willpower wear out, and we fall back into our old habits.

It makes sense and I don’t blame you when you’re not getting results anyway. No one wants to struggle for minor results.

According to the latest science, militant diets win out vs. standard diets.

Those who lose the most weight in the first 2-4 weeks of dieting have the greatest weight loss results in the following year.

This creates a bigger and better impact in both the short-term and the long-term.

The most effective thing you can do in this case is to do the cold-turkey approach.

Forget finding a “balance.” You WILL have to give up some of the things that you love in order a LOT of weight quickly.

But if you do it right, it’s only temporarily. You can begin to add back the foods that you love without gaining the weight back.

But you need to find the right process to do this or you will end up gaining it back again.

10. Love Yourself and Invest in Yourself. 

You’re worth it.

Without your self-love, everyone else that you love will suffer. And a failure to take care of yourself and your body is a failure to love yourself.

The more you love yourself, accept yourself, and commit to working on yourself, the better off you will be.

Commit to this journey, accepting where you are, and loving yourself throughout the entire process!

Your health and your happiness are the greatest assets that you have.

If this article spoke to you in any way, please take a look at our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge.

Our program is based on many of the principles that we spoke about in this article, plus a few more.

Yes, it helps our clients lose 10-21 pounds in just their first 21 days. And many clients have now lost 40, 50, and even over 100 pounds with our program.

But even better than that is the ability to create lifelong habits that help you STAY healthy and keep the weight off forever.

We have clients like Cynthia, sharing these emotional messages in our private support group for the program (with now over 4,000 women doing the Challenge together):

Cynthia Weight Loss Testimonial

Remember it’s not about what happened in the past that matters, it’s what you are doing in the NOW.

I know that many of you are ready to make a big and PERMANENT change in your life, and this is where you should start.

Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

Everything is laid out for you in an easy to understand step-by-step process ANYONE can do. 

You will know what to eat, when to eat it, and what to do next every day for your weight loss success.

Click here to start YOUR 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge today!

Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this article on fast weight loss tips if you weigh 200 lbs or more or if have any questions!


  1. Hormones for females and getting enough rest plays a huge factor in losing weight as well! I dropped 25 pounds on Whole30!

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