How Chrystal Regained Her Confidence and Lost Over 46 Pounds in Just 6 Months!

Struggling to lose weight can really mess with your self confidence. 

You start a weight loss program totally pumped and ready to finally shed some extra pounds, boost your energy, and feel fit and healthy. 

And maybe it is…for a little while. 

You skip eating out. You know you can do this!

You make some healthy food swaps. You’ve totally got this!

And maybe you even hit the gym, or at least clear the laundry off the [insert cardio equipment of choice] in the corner of the room. This is going to be amazing!

It starts off great–you start seeing the numbers on the scale drop, your clothes fit a little looser, and you might even see some muscle definition if you’re working out. 

But then, you stall out. 

After the first couple weeks, or the first ten or fifteen pounds, those new changes stop working. 

It’s incredibly frustrating, not to mention really hard on your self esteem to put in so much effort, and have nothing more to show for it than that first little bit of weight lost. 

Chrystal had this experience with every single weight loss program she tried–until she found the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, that is. 

I want to share Chrystal’s weight loss journey with you today because she did something incredible. She lost 46 pounds in just 6 months!!! No pills, no tricks — just a healthy and wholesome diet. 

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Meet Chrystal

Chrystal hiking with husband in first part of image, and coloring daughter's hair in second part of image.

Nearly a year ago — back when we were all still adjusting to the lifestyle changes of 2020 — Chrystal was in a place many of us know all too well:

Feeling incredibly stressed and busy from caring of her family, working full time, and simply keeping up with everyday life. 

This crazy-busy lifestyle made it so hard for her to keep up with the typical weight loss programs. If you’re a mom, you know how low on the priority list you tend to place your own needs!

Chrystal felt like she had tried everything, and while she would usually lose about ten or fifteen pounds, she would gain the weight back with interest every time. 

“I was so unhappy with myself, uncomfortable all the time, unmotivated, and my confidence was so low.”

And as a mother to two daughters, Chrystal knew that was not the version of herself that she wanted her daughters to grow up with. 

She knew she needed to make a change, but despite her best efforts, she continued to gain more and more weight, and grow more and more frustrated. 

Turning Point

We all have that moment when we finally say, “enough is enough,” and make those tough changes in our lifestyle. 

For some of us, that moment comes in the form of an illness, or scary medical news from your doctor. 

For others, it might be an upsetting social event, or a failed relationship (revenge body, anyone?). 

But for many of us, it isn’t one single, big event. It’s that straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

For Chrystal, that final straw was when she stepped on the scale one day, and realized she weighed 219 lbs. 

That was the most she had ever weighed in her life, and she finally decided, “I need a change, I can’t be like this anymore.”

Despite her efforts on and off to lose weight and become healthier, she instead had continued to gain weight, never levelling out to a stable number on the scale. 

“I just realized I was going to get bigger and bigger if I didn’t do something about it. I didn’t want to feel like this anymore.”

It Wasn’t Easy On Her Own

She started right away trying to lose weight by eating what she thought was healthy food, and doing some exercise at home; and she was able to shed her usual fifteen pounds. 

But then, she hit a plateau, and simply couldn’t get through it. The scale wouldn’t budge, and no matter what she tried, she couldn’t lose any more weight. 

Factor in the added stress that was the entire year of 2020, and the accompanying stress eating, plus her busy family and work life, and it was nearly impossible for Chrystal to stick to her own plans. 

Searching for a solution, she happened upon the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, and knew this was exactly what she was looking for. 

Chrystal’s Weight Loss Journey

Chrystal in orange bikini before and after in front facing position and side facing position.

After the first little bit of weight loss Chrystal achieved on her own, she was down from 219 lbs to 203lbs — which is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but still far away from from her 75-lb weight loss goal. 

She weighed in at  203.4lbs on August 19, 2020, the day she started the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

By the time of our interview on February 22, 2021, Chrystal was down to 157.2lbs!

Ya’ll, that’s a total weight loss of 46.2lbs just in 6 months with the Challenge–61lbs when you count the 15lbs she lost on her own before starting the Challenge. 

“This diet is life changing. Once you see the results in the first week, then by day 21, you’re down 12-15lbs, it motivates you to keep going. It’s so easy to follow because it tells you exactly what to do.”

Her healthy lifestyle changes are having a big impact off the scale, as well. 

“Before, I would hate to look at myself. I would get so down on myself and it would make me sad. Now, I’m happy when I look in the mirror. I’m proud of myself, and I see strength I didn’t have before.

Chrystal also reports that her daughters are both so proud of her for making healthy changes and taking care of herself, and she knows she has set a good example for them. 

“Also, I’m just physically and mentally happy,” she says. 

What’s Next for Chrystal?

Chrystal in sports bra and old, loose workout shorts, holding waistband of shorts out to show how much weight and girth she has lost.

While Chrystal is thrilled with her weight loss so far, she still plans to lose an additional 14 lbs in order to reach her goal of 75lbs gone since the start of her weight loss journey last year. 

With the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, she knows she has all the tools she needs to reach her goal weight, and keep the weight from coming back. 

“I’m so happy I found the 21-Day Challenge, because look where I am today!”

What is the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge?

If you’re like Chrystal and have struggled to lose weight and keep it off, I can almost guarantee your hormone levels are out of balanceespecially insulin–and that makes it incredibly hard to lose weight!

Fortunately, you can rebalance insulin (and other hormones) by reducing or eliminating carbs and sugars from your diet—which is exactly what the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge was designed to do.

We created our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge for people just like you—people who have tried everything under the sun, but just can’t shed the weight or keep it off.

21-Day Fat Loss Challenge Program by Avocadu

The Challenge comes with step-by-step instructions for all twenty-one days, so there is no guesswork involved.

And don’t worry—you won’t have to count calories, and you don’t even need to exercise to lose up to 21 lbs in just 21 days!

If you have more weight to lose, the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge can be repeated as many times as you want (at no extra cost), so you can reach your goal weight with one simple plan.

The best part? Along with rebalancing your hormones, you’ll also be healing your gut, fueling your body with nutritious foods, and kicking your sugar addiction to the curb—so you can lose weight effortlessly, and keep it off!

Plus, our Facebook support group has over 4,000 members—so you will have access to tons of support, tips, recipes, and endless encouragement!

If you’d like to check out the program that Chrystal used to lose 46 pounds in just 6 months, we’d love to have you on board!

Click here to get started with YOUR 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge today!

And if you loved this story, or have questions about Chrystal’s weight loss journey, please leave us a comment below!

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