7 Best At-Home Workouts for Women – No Equipment Required

It can be hard to get motivated to exercise.

If you have to pack a gym bag, make sure that you include a change of clothes, put on your sneakers, drive somewhere and pay money to do it all, you might find yourself coming up with excuses to avoid working out more often than not.

Some people think that they won’t get an effective workout if they don’t use equipment. However, that’s not the case.

The Mayo Clinic says that strength training should be part of any fitness routine. It can help increase lean muscle mass, burn fat and boost metabolism.

Not everyone can afford to hit the gym, though.

women working out at home with no equipment

Dr. Axe says that bodyweight exercises help repair muscle deterioration that happens with age. Although most people associate cardio with heart health, bodyweight exercises have health benefits too.

Another benefit of bodyweight exercises is that they can be done in your own home. That can save you time and money.

If you’re not motivated to do pushups by yourself on your carpet, work out along to these videos.

The workouts are much more fun than your basic calisthenics, and you can vary your workout as much as you’d like.

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1. No Equipment Barre Workout

Many barre workouts require you to hold onto something for stability. This hour-long sculpting session doesn’t require any equipment. Balancing will help you engage more muscles as you exercise.

This is a total body workout. Even though it doesn’t involve jumping or running, it will increase your heart rate too.

There’s a large focus on your lower body. However, you’ll also work your arms, back, chest and core.

2. Kelli’s Favorite Bodyweight Workout – Total Body Toning & Functional Strength Training Exercises

During this toning and strength workout, you’ll do three rounds of 8 exercises. You’ll perform 10 repetitions of each exercise.

The instructor talks you through every movement. There’s no music, which might make this routine a little boring. However, we like that it gives us the chance to play our own music.

At just over 30 minutes, this routine is great to add in after a cardio session. It’s also a wonderful workout to do on its own.

3. Fat-Burning HIIT Pilates Workout

This combo of Pilates, HIIT and cardio should get your heart pumping. If you’ve shied away from Pilates in the past because you’re not sure that you’ll get a good workout, this is a great way to get into it.

Even though traditional Pilates may still be a butt-kicking workout, this routine takes things up a notch. You’ll do 6 groups of two exercises. The first exercise is a Pilates move. The second is a cardio interval.

It’s a little repetitive. Some days, the repetition can make things go faster. You know what’s coming up. Other days, it can feel tedious. It’s a good thing you have all of these other workouts from which to choose.

4. 5-Min Brutal Full Body Workout No Equipment – Focus on Legs and Belly Fat Loss

The instructor claims that this workout will torch up to 300 calories in 35 minutes. The key is timing your exercises instead of counting repetitions. As you become more advanced, you can push even harder and go through the repetitions more quickly.

The routine is designed for weight loss. Although it concentrates on the legs and abs, it targets the entire body. It will help slim and strengthen your core, lift and tone your glutes and reduce fat on your arms.

This video does incorporate a quick warm-up. However, there is no cool-down. You might want to do some stretches after you’re done to keep everything loose.

5. The Best 15-Minute Beginner Workout — No Equipment Needed

This workout is great for beginners and even has beginner modifications! It will work out every part of your body and leave you full of sweat in no time!

The best part is… It’s only 15 minutes long! This will help you from making excuses and skipping that workout… AGAIN!

6. 30 Minute Bodyweight Blast Workout

BodyFit by Amy hosts a 30-minute bodyweight workout. You can use dumbbells if you choose, but the workout is designed to be done with bodyweight alone.

It’s ideal for any fitness level. If you’re a beginner, you can follow along easily. The instructor models the moves during each break.

If you’re advanced, you may be familiar with many of the exercises already. Concentrate on your form, and keep going until it’s time to rest.

7. No-Run Cardio Workout to Burn Calories

Although this workout incorporates some quick moves, it also sculpts your muscles. Squat jumps, arm jabs, lunges and bunny hops tone your legs, abs, arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

If you keep your abs engaged, you’ll work your core and improve your posture. You might be out of breath when you do this workout. Your muscles may feel it the next day.

The video offers a great cool-down that allows you to stretch and open your muscles.

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