Yoga for Stiff Neck and Shoulders

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Feeling a bit tense? This yoga for stiff neck and shoulders will loosen that tension right up!

Tension in the neck and shoulders can be caused by stress, injury, bad posture, the way that you sleep, and all sorts of other things.

Another largely contributing factor is that we tend to spend most of our days hunched over various computer devices these days.

As Yoga International explains, upper back and neck pain commonly stems from rounding the shoulders and hunching over.

This puts strain on the muscles surrounding the upper back and weakens them over time.

This tension often builds up slowly, and we don’t even notice it.

Yoga for Stiff Neck and Shoulders woman holding her neck

This yoga practice will help you relieve tension, improve your posture, reduce stress, control your breathing, and completely relax.

Let me introduce my favorite yoga instructor and personal friend, Kris Moon.

Kris is a yoga and mindfulness teacher, who found her true calling in her practice while studying ancient techniques rooted in yoga in India.

You can read more about Kris and her practice on her website at  She also has all sorts of resources for yoga and meditation videos on her website as well as her YouTube Channel.

In her own words…

“Through ancient systems like Yoga and the contemplative practice of Mindfulness Meditation, I offer you simple tools to better navigate the path of whole-hearted living.”

Remember to breathe deeply and slowly as well as listen to your body throughout this practice. It will help you gain a deeper understanding of your body and which yoga poses best serve you.

You can view Kris’s video on yoga therapy for neck and shoulders on her YouTube Channel below:



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