4 Most Accurate Weight Loss Calculators on the Internet

Here are the 4 best weight loss calculators you can find online.

If you've been trying to eat right and exercise, but still aren't losing weight, you might need a weight loss calculator.

1. NIH Body Weight Planner

This calculator factors in your slowing metabolism so you can set more accurate diet and exercise goals.

2. DamnRipped.com TDEE Calculator

 This easy to use calculator helps you figure out how many calories you need to reach your goal weight based on your daily activity level, or total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).

3. HealthStatus Calories Burned Calculator

This one calculates everything from carrying a baby around the house to the activity that made that baby happen.

4. LifeSpan Weight Loss Counter

This one is so easy!  Answer a few simple questions, and you get a detailed weight loss plan, plus tips on easy ways to reach your goals.

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