Should I Do a Fat Loss Challenge?

If you’ve found this article, it’s probably safe to say that you want to lose weight. Maybe losing weight is something you’ve been putting off for awhile or maybe you’ve tried weight loss programs that haven’t given you the results you desire.

Whatever the case may be, we understand how you’re feeling. Many people, especially women, struggle with losing weight. It doesn’t help that there are so many programs and challenges that exist promising things that simply aren’t true.

Our culture is full of dangerous diet fads and unhealthy recommendations for rapid weight loss. It can feel so frustrating to want to lose weight, but not knowing where to turn to for something that will deliver. 

If you’re asking yourself “should I do a fat loss challenge?,” you’ve come to the right place. By the way, the short answer to the question is YES!

Should I Do a Fat Loss Challenge?

In this post, we will discuss reasons for and against participating in a fat loss challenge to help you make the best decision for yourself. 

Before jumping into it, we highly recommend seeing your primary care physician before starting our or any other diet and weight loss regimen. Safety is a top priority for us and we want to assure you’re taking care of your physical health.

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Do a Fat Loss Challenge

1. You’re not motivated.

Unmotivated to do a fat loss challenge

Let’s start by discussing reasons you shouldn’t do a fat loss challenge. This might surprise you, but the biggest reason you should avoid a fat loss challenge is lack of motivation.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute! The whole reason I’m here is I was looking for diets to lose weight quickly.”

We believe in honesty, and the truth is if you aren’t fully committed, you will not see results and will only further your frustration on the matter.

Losing weight isn’t easy and any program that tells you otherwise is lying to you. You must make a serious commitment to yourself and your physical body before starting a fat loss challenge. You can’t put in just a little bit of effort and expect it to go a long way.

2. You’re not the one that wants to lose weight.

Another reason you shouldn’t do a fat loss challenge is if your heart isn’t truly in it. This goes along with commitment in that if you aren’t the one who wants the results, you will not achieve the results.

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do”? The same concept applies to weight loss and should be taken very seriously. You have to be the one that genuinely wants to lose weight in order for that to happen.

In other words, if you’re doing this because society says women should be thinner or because you’re significant other is making you feel bad about your weight – now might not be the best time to join our fat loss challenge.

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3. You’re not healthy enough to do the challenge

If you’re concerned about safety and health reasons, that’s completely understandable. 

As we mentioned above, safety is our top priority and we are aware of the many dangerous programs that exist.

You should never participate in a fat loss challenge that asks you to do things that are unhealthy and dangerous. While our program is completely safe and backed by science, we still insist that you visit a healthcare professional before blindly starting it.

Reasons You Should Do a Fat Loss Challenge

The Avocadu 21-day fat loss challenge can result in the fastest weight loss for women. With that in mind, let’s discuss the many reasons you should do a fat loss challenge. 

1. You Owe It To Yourself

Love yourself enough to do a fat loss challenge

First and foremost, you owe it to yourself. This is especially true for those of you women who have been wanting to lose weight and have been trying to do so for an extended amount of time but have been unable to do so.

You owe it to yourself and your health to achieve what you desire. We feel our best when we’re comfortable in our bodies, and we should always aim to achieve that comfortability. You want to lose weight and you want to feel more confident and happy in your body, so you should take the leap in making that happen.

2. Being Overweight Comes With Health Risks 

Another reason you should participate in a fat loss challenge is for health reasons. We mentioned the dangers of some programs that exist and how they can ask women to lose weight in unhealthy and unsafe ways, but we need to talk about the health risks of having extra weight.

Do a fat loss challenge for your health

People who fall into the overweight or obese category are at a higher risk for many health issues including many types of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental health problems, and much more. It’s safe to say that being overweight has many adverse health effects that shouldn’t be ignored.

The CDC reported, “Even a modest weight loss of 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars.”

A woman weighing 200 pounds losing 10 pounds in the challenge would achieve that 5 percent weight loss goal! And we’ve seen many of our challenge participants lose 20 pounds or more!

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3. Our Program is Simple

Not to be confused with easy, our program understands that women have very busy lives and it can feel overwhelming trying to manage rapid weight loss. That’s exactly why our program, the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, focuses on simplicity.

We have everything written out for you in great detail so you know exactly what you need to be doing each day. There is no guessing game or confusion when it comes to our program. 

As long as you genuinely desire to lose weight and complete a fat loss challenge, there is no reason you shouldn’t participate in one! Our program is safe, effective, and simple. By completing our program, you will be on your way to a healthier and happier life, which we all desire. 

4. Our Program Works

What is arguably the biggest reason you should try a fat loss challenge is because our program works. Our 21 day fat loss challenge is based on scientific research that shows us the best ways to rapidly lose weight in a safe and effective manner. 

Hundreds of women have tried our challenge and have succeeded in the weight loss they’ve been hoping for. No more empty promises or dangerous advice.

The Avocadu 21-day fat loss challenge is honest, direct, and simple. Read our testimonials and sign up today.

If you’re not ready to make the investment, you can get a free taste of our fat loss challenge here.

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