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Last updated March 1st, 2021

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You need a plan.

Actually, according to science, fitness planners and journals are incredible when trying to lose weight and get healthier.

It reminds us of that quote:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

In one study, they found that writing down food intake in a diet journal is proven to help you lose weight.

In other studies, researchers found that people who keep food diaries are much more likely to stick to their diet than those who don’t!

So if you’re looking to make a change in your body, it can really help! I decided to make a little weekly fitness planner to help everyone out!

When I was making this, we knew it needed to be:

  • Simple
  • Easy to print (1-page)
  • Pretty enough to show off 🙂

.I tried a few different versions, but ended up liking this one the best!

This way you can easily:

We find it worked the best when hung on the fridge!

That way you know exactly what your plan is for the week.

You will also want to save them and look at them later on.


Because if you’re recording all of this and are not losing weight, you will be able to look back and assess the problem.

  • Maybe you’re eating too much food and don’t have a good weight loss plan.
  • Or you have been missing too many workouts.
  • Or you have not been drinking enough water.

This planner with help you realize the problem and keep you from aimlessly eating bad things! 🙂


I hope you like it!  You can download it here.

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Cathy Dean

Hey y’all. My name is Cathy, a former junk-food loving carb-aholic turned nutrition and fitness enthusiast. Here at Avocadu, we believe that a nutrient-rich diet is EVERYTHING when it comes to your health and well-being. Our motto is “Healthy from the Inside Out”! As a Certified Keto Coach, I specialize in teaching others how to lose weight through healthy, low-carb eating.

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4 replies on “1-Page Printable Fitness Planner”

OMG! I’ve been looking for your Printable Fitness Planner for weeks! I thought I book marked your site and was so mad when I didn’t! 🙂 Anyway, it works PERFECTLY for our family. You have helped us in a tiny way but it has made a huge impact! Thanks!

Aw thanks so much, Rena! We’re so glad that you like it! We just started a free Facebook group a few days ago too, so make sure to join it if you’d like to stay connected about what’s going on at Avocadu and connect with others that share health and fitness interests! The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100471157047354/ We’d be happy to have you! 🙂

Hey, y’all! I’m Cathy!

I’m SO excited you’re here! I’m super passionate about nutrition, and specialize in teaching others how to lose weight through healthy, low-carb eating. Here at Avocadu, we believe in quality over quantity and that diet is EVERYTHING when it comes to your health and well-being. In short, we believe in being healthy from the inside out. Learn more

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