15 Fitness Motivational Quotes that Will Inspire You!

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I have compiled some of the best fitness motivational quotes to help you power through those days when motivation is hard to find.

These inspirational quotes will help you push through your workouts and are fun to have saved on your phone!

Let’s get started..

1. Attitude is everything.

What’s the point of having a healthy body if you don’t enjoy it anyway? You can still smile while you sweat…

(Source: @_fitography)

2. Find your thing.

fitness motivational quote for yoga

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Find the workout that best benefits you and enriches your life (or keeps you from hitting that co-worker in the mouth).

3. If you’re not sweating, you’re not working.

break a sweat fitness motivation

Taking a walk through the park is great and all, but don’t be calling it a workout. Break a sweat to see results!

4. You get one body.

yoga fitness motivation

One body. One chance to do cool stuff with it… What the hell are you waiting for?

(Source: @quotefit)

5. Great things take time.

almost there fitness quote

It sounds incredibly cliche to say “good things take time,” but it’s true. Focus on how every day, you’re taking another small step to your goals!

(Source: @flashyfitness)

6. Fall in love with the pain.

burn fitness motivation

Workouts hurt. Plain and simple. You can learn to love it or choose to whine and moan through it. The choice is yours!

(Source: @motivation_fitnessquotes)

7. You vs. You

be your own fitness motivation

Don’t focus on comparing yourself with others. Be your own motivation, and focus on the battle within yourself.

8. You have to work for it!

work for it motivational quotes for fitness

Hoping and wishing doesn’t work when it comes to getting the things in life you want. Work!

(Source: @project.fit)

9. What’s the best you?

yoga fitness motivational quotes

Seriously? Have you ever thought about what the best you would look like? What would she say? How would she act? Now stop wishing and BE that person!

(Source: @_fitography)

10. Progression is everything.

eat healthy fitness motivational quotes

You’re either taking steps forward every day or taking steps back. There is no stagnation. Use today to move forward.

(Source: @fitness.motivation.quotes)

11. Change who you are.

motivational quote for change

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.”

12. Get out of your head.

stop dreaming motivation quote

Happiness and success don’t come from thinking about end results. They come from putting in the work and being proud of what you’ve accomplished that day. Get out of your head, and be a doer!

13. You’re not perfect.

progress not perfection fitness motiavtion quote

None of us are. If you focus on trying to be perfect, you will be left empty. Instead, focus on progress. Focus on how much better you’ve gotten and how far you’ve come.

(Source: @source.of.success)

14. A goal is a dream with a deadline.

raise the bar motivation for fitness

Set the goals you want and chase after them. Remember to set the bar high.

(Source: @quotefit)

15. Smile.

yoga pose fitness motivation quote

Happiness can be as simple as forcing yourself to smile. Like right now. DO IT! Now doesn’t that feel good?

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  1. I like the quote, “If you are not sweating, you’re not working.” This quote makes sense. Thanks!

  2. This is my favourite: “Dont wish for the good body, work for it”

    You caraft an amazing post. Thanks Avocadu.

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