Hey, yogis! These are our recommended yoga tools and supplements for beginners. Please know that they are recommended but NOT absolutely necessary for success! 

They are simply here for those of you that would like a little extra help because they CAN help you be more comfortable and progress faster with your practice.

The first few items are all strictly yoga-related. The next few are our favorite diet supplements that can help take your health and fitness to the next level (should be supplemented with a healthy diet).

They are also listed in order of importance. We also discuss our two favorite diet supplements in more detail below for those of you that are interested in learning more.



YogaAccessories 1/4″ Thick High Density Deluxe Non Slip Exercise Pilates & Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat can help you stay balanced, keep you comfortable, and help you progress faster. We recommend 1/4″ thickness for optimal performance, but you can choose a thicker version if it better suits your needs. See it here.


Gaiam Yoga Block – Supportive Latex-Free EVA Foam Soft Non-Slip Surface for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation

Yoga blocks can help you modify more advanced poses to your current experience level without compromising your form. They can help you progress faster and improve your flexibility and balance. See it here.


Clever Yoga Strap for Stretching – Yoga Straps in Standard 8 Foot or Extra Long 10 Foot Length 1.5 Inch Wide

A yoga strap has by far been the most powerful tool in my practice as flexibility is one of my main goals. It can help reach certain areas (toes) without compromising form before you are flexible enough. See it here.


ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner (Peaceful Lavender Aroma), 4 fl oz; Comes w/ Microfiber Cleaning Towel

Dirty sweat breeds bacteria, so it’s important to disinfect your mat regularly. This mat cleaner contains all organic ingredients, and it also comes with a FREE towel! See it here.


SukhaMat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion – America’s Best Exercise Knee Pad – Eliminate Pain During Yoga or Exercise 

Got bad knees? This is a great tool to give you some extra comfort and padding on your sensitive knees without having to opt for a much thicker mat (not always ideal for other poses). See it here.



Did you know that overweight people have complete different gut bacteria than those at a normal weight?

Certain probiotics may be better for you than you may have realized. Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LPR), for instance, has been shown to help obese women achieve sustainable weight loss.

Even up to 50% more weight loss in some cases!

We have our own brand of Probiotics here at Avocadu called Gut-13.  

It’s our very first supplement (but more to come!) because we believe that gut health is THAT important!

Our specially formulated probiotic supplement contains:

  • Over 50 Million CFU’s Per Serving
  • 13 Different Gut Healing Strains
  • Delayed Release for Deeper Support
  • Made in the USA 

You can read more about it, why it’s important for weight loss, skin health, and so much more on our probiotics page.  


Protein plays a couple of major roles in weight loss. First, your body burns more calories metabolizing proteins than it does processing carbs or fat.  Second, protein helps you build and maintain muscle tissue.

Since muscle tissue burns more calories than body fat (even when you’re just sitting around), building and maintaining muscle is key for weight loss.  Most of us don’t consume enough protein from our daily diet to get the true weight loss benefits, which is why a protein powder can provide an added boost.

*Remember that a good protein powder will contain less than 3g of carbs and sugar per serving and should provide 20-30g of protein per serving.

whey protein powder

Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder, 100% Whey Isolate Protein, 25g of Protein

Got bad knees? This is a great tool to give you We recommend ISO 100 Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate by Dymatize.  It tastes better than any other protein powders that we’ve tried, and a big tub will last you a long time.  The vanilla is also good. See it here.

VEGAN protein powder

Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder, Chocolate, Vegan, 30g Plant Based Protein

If you need a vegan or vegetarian option, we recommend Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder, Chocolate.  Low carb vegan protein powders are harder to find because vegan protein powders are often made from high carb foods such as brown rice and peas. See it here.


Other Supplements

vitamin d3 + k2

KeyNutrient Vitamin D3 + K2

This little pill packs a punch, it supports healthy heart & bones, taking our Vitamin D3+K2 once a day can boost immune systems, energy & enhances mood. See it here.


Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil – Triple Strength Dietary Nutritional Supplement

One of the most well-researched supplements of all time with over 700 studies. Omega 3’s are amazing for blood flow, lowing inflammation, and supporting hormonal health. We take this on the days we don’t eat fatty fish like salmon. Click here.

Those are the supplements that we believe are most important.  If you’d like to read another article we have published on the topic with some additional vitamins and supplements, you can read it here.