How Carrie Changed Her Life and Lost 98 Pounds in just 13 Months!

If you struggle with your weight, I’m willing to bet you have a sweet tooth. Most people do.

I can’t help myself from feeling resentful when I hear that one friend tell me “I don’t really like sweets.” Eye roll…

But if sweets aren’t really your thing, my next guess would be you really like your carbs, since those get processed into sugar once they hit your digestive system.

There is a very good reason most people struggle to cut sugar and carbs from their diet—and it isn’t your lack of willpower. 

Sugar is known to be highly addictive, so those cravings you get aren’t just in your head.

Some studies have shown that sugar is just as addictive as cocaine, and even creates a reaction in the brain similar to opiate use! (1, 2)

It’s similar to when you get on social media and cruise through Facebook or Instagram — you get an immediate dopamine hit when you take these actions. They make you feel good. They keep us coming back for more.

It’s no wonder so many of us feel like no matter how much willpower we have, eating even a little bit of sugar or simple carbs while on a diet can send us completely off the rails.

That’s exactly how Carrie felt, too—until she found our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge.

I want to share Carrie’s weight loss journey with you today because she did something incredible. She lost 98 pounds in just 13 months!!! No pills, no tricks — just a healthy and wholesome diet.

I’m so excited to share her story because it proves that with the right plan and some determination, it is absolutely possible to regain control of your health! 

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Meet Carrie

Carrie Picture Collage

A little over a year ago, Carrie was in a place that a lot of you may be all too familiar with — struggling with her weight, feeling lethargic and unmotivated, and often too busy to bother planning or cooking her meals.

Long commutes to work, usually during meal times, meant she ate a lot of fast food and didn’t get much exercise.

She was desperate to lose weight and get her health back on track, but didn’t know what to do or where to start.

“I didn’t feel good physically, I was easily winded going up the stairs or even on a short brisk walk. My health was in jeopardy and I knew my husband was worried about me.”

Rock Bottom

Carrie Before Picture

I think of “rock bottom” not necessarily as your lowest point, but as the moment that something shakes you hard enough that you have to make a change.

For Carrie, her rock bottom moment came at a routine health assessment.

She weighed in at 256 pounds—the most she had ever weighed in her life.

But what scared her even more than the rising numbers on the scale was learning from her doctor that she was heading down the track towards diabetes.

Scared that the damage her unhealthy lifestyle had done to her health might be irreversible, Carrie knew she had to get her health under control.

With a new determination, Carrie made up her mind to find a weight loss plan that would actually work for her, and help her finally keep the weight off.

Something Had to Change

Carrie was no stranger to weight loss programs, having tried everything from calorie counting to Weight Watchers and plenty of other diets along the way–and none of them had worked for her for longer than a few months.

“I had huge sugar and carbohydrate cravings which made it hard to stick to these other diets. I would do well for a few months and then a little slip up would result in an inability to stop binging on sugar and carbs.

Then I would gain the weight back plus even more. 

I’ve followed this pattern my whole life.”

But when Carrie found our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, she realized that there were key differences from any of the weight loss programs or diets she had tried in the past which were exactly what she was looking for.

“The thing that really intrigued me about the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge was its focus on eliminating my addiction to sugar and carbohydrates.

This was the battle I knew I had to win.

The other diets that allowed sugar and gluten to be worked into their programs, even in limited amounts, just made it too hard to control my addiction to these foods.”

Carrie definitely isn’t alone in this experience.

Sugar and carb addiction can steamroll even the strongest willpower; but more importantly, eating too many carbs or sugars on a regular basis can throw your hormones out of balance—making it almost impossible to lose weight, even with a calorie deficient diet.

That is why one of the most effective components of the Challenge is a total carb and sugar detox. It sounds worse than it is, we promise.

Carrie’s Weight Loss Journey

After struggling with her weight for so long, Carrie couldn’t believe the results she got right away with the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge.

While the Challenge lasts just twenty-one days, it is designed to be repeated as many times as you want in order to reach your goal weight (at no extra cost)—which is exactly what Carrie did.

“My initial weight loss took 13 months and about 17 rounds on the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge.

I took some breaks for holidays and vacations, but always went right back on the program.

The weight came off at a faster pace than I ever imagined.

I lost 98 pounds in those 13 months!

Carrie After Picture

Carrie also mentions that a key part of her success was joining our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge Facebook community right away.

“I have a buddy who contacted me my first week and suggested we message each other daily to help and encourage each other.

It’s become a friendship I cherish.”

Studies have shown that publicly committing to your goals will improve your chance of success by 65%; and having a specific accountability partner, like Carrie has, increases your success rate by 95%! (3)

This connection and accountability is a major reason why we created our Facebook group for 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge members, although it is also a great resource for swapping recipes, sharing tips, and celebrating wins.

Our Facebook group has over 4,000 women going through the Challenge together, so you won’t have any problem finding a supportive, committed accountability partner just like Carrie did.

A New Lease on Life

Carrie has lost a total of 98 pounds with the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge (so she’s down to 158 lbs!)—but her biggest victories are off the scale.

Her size changed drastically—dropping from a size 24 all the way down to a size 10, and even her feet got smaller!

Now, she enjoys shopping for clothes again, and is happy with the way she looks.

Carrie Pants Picture

Plus, she can book a plane ticket or go to a restaurant without worrying about whether or not she will fit in her seat. That is a huge self-esteem boost!

Her energy has increased, and her health is back on track.

She can go up and down stairs without a second thought, and her body aches and joint concerns are a thing of the past!

“As I move forward in life I plan to enjoy the many new activities I can do, especially biking and swimming laps for fitness.”

And as an added bonus—even her snoring is gone, which is great for her and her husband!

What’s Next for Carrie?

Carrie is maintaining her 98-pound weight loss by following our After the Challenge program.

“I would like to lose another 10-15 pounds at some point, and with the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge I know I have the tools to do it.”

Carrie Pick Your Hard

“The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge has given me back control over my life and the freedom and joy to live my life to the fullest.”

She has also learned that there are so many things in life she enjoys more than indulgent food and an overly-full stomach, and she no longer lets her appetite rule her life.

“My weight loss journey has been one of determination, regaining control and realizing the power within myself.

I vow to remember where I came from, what it took to get here and never go back!”

And now that she has all the tools she needs to ensure her success, she is confident that she can keep that promise to herself.

What is the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge?

If you’re like Carrie and have struggled with sugar and carb addiction, I can almost guarantee your insulin levels are out of balance—and that makes it incredibly hard to lose weight!

Fortunately, you can rebalance this hormone (and others) by reducing or eliminating carbs and sugars from your diet—which is exactly what the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge was designed to do.

21-Day Fat Loss Challenge Program by Avocadu

We created our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge for people just like you—people who have tried everything under the sun, but just can’t shed the weight or keep it off.

The Challenge comes with step-by-step instructions for all twenty-one days, so there is no guesswork involved.

And don’t worry—you won’t have to count calories, and you don’t even need to exercise to lose up to 21 lbs in just 21 days!

If you have more weight to lose, the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge can be repeated as many times as you want (at no extra cost), so you can reach your goal weight with one simple plan.

The best part? Along with rebalancing your hormones, you’ll also be healing your gut, fueling your body with nutritious foods, and kicking your sugar addiction to the curbso you can lose weight effortlessly, and keep it off!

Plus, our Facebook support group has over 4,000 members—so you will have access to tons of support, tips, recipes, and endless encouragement!

If you’d like to check out the program that Carrie used to lose 98 pounds in just over a year, we’d love to have you on board!

Click here to get started with YOUR 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge today!

And if you loved this story, or have questions about Carrie’s weight loss journey, please leave us a comment below!

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