8 Effective Yoga Poses for Older Women

Yoga is an amazing way to stay fit and agile at any age, but it's especially beneficial if you're 50+.

These 8 poses are safe & effective for older people, and perfect for beginners!

1. Tree Pose

Tree pose will challenge and improve your balance and stability.  It is also a great pose for meditation.

2. Cat/Cow Pose

This flow is a great warm-up for the body to open up the back and chest and practice deep breathing.

3. Spinal Twist Variation

This pose is great for the back and decompressing the spine.  It is also a great stress reducer because it helps to relieve tension in the body.

4. Sunbird Pose

Sunbird pose engages every major muscle group, and helps improve balance and stability. 

5. Warrior I

Warrior I is one of three warrior standing poses that are often performed as a vinyasa together.  

6. Warrior II

Flow into this pose after Warrior I to help increase strength, balance, and range of movement.

7. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose strengthens the muscles in the lower back to help relieve lower back pain.

8. Child's Pose

This pose is excellent for relaxing and meditating, especially after poses that engage your back.

Click the link below for detailed instructions of each pose