How I Healed My Leaky Gut, IBS, and Digestive Problems in 2 Months

If you’ve struggled with digestive issues like I have - IBS, candida, leaky gut, Crohn's, etc. - you know how frustrating it is.

I'll share what helped me finally heal my gut, and gave me more confidence than I've ever had before.

Cut Out the Junk


Cut out all processed foods, sugars, and inflammatory foods for at least 1 month.

Go Low-Cal


Every meal you eat triggers some inflammation. Going low-cal and grouping your food into 3 meals per day gives your body more time to recover before your next meal.

Add in Veggies & Probiotics


Slowly introduce leafy green veggies and a probiotic.  Don't add too much too fast, as it could cause digestive distress. 

Add Fermented Foods


Just like with veggies and probiotics, add just a little bit of fermented foods each day, until your body adjust to it.

Add Bone Broth


Warm, soothing bone broth helps heal your gut with collagen and minerals.  Bonus: It's also great for your skin!

Click the below link for more details on how you can heal your digestive issues.