THE good & the bad


In the US, coffee is more popular than soda, tea and juice combined, so scientists must know a few things for sure about exactly what coffee does for us 

THE GOOD! Coffee can lower your risk of depression and suicide, and increase your levels of dopamine

THE GOOD! Studies have shown that coffee reduces the risk of certain cancers, like endometrial cancer and some types of breast cancer!

THE GOOD! Coffee drinkers are less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents.

THE GOOD! The pièce de résistance: coffee can help you lose weight and stay fit!

THE BAD! Your body quickly becomes dependent on the daily dose of caffeine.

THE BAD! Caffeine interacts with some medications, including thyroid medication, psychiatric and depression drugs

THE BAD! Caffeine can raising blood pressure, making arteries stiffer, and increasing levels of homocysteine, insulin, and possibly cholesterol

Bottom Line – All Good Things in Moderation Swipe up to LEARN MORE!