How Can Women Over 40  Lose Weight?

Women between 40-55 years old deal with declining hormones, causing weight gain around the mid section. 

How do we combat that?

Have the right MINDSET

Understand WHY you  need to lose weight.

Focus on your overall HEALTH


Understand HORMONAL Changes

Low Estrogen slows down your metabolism.

Focus on healthy foods  that boost estrogen.


Choose Your Diet WISELY

Low-Carb Diet: reduce overal carbs and sugar

Balanced Diet: eat a  variety of nutrient-dense foods


Watch Your Eating HABITS

Consider Intermittent Fasting

Portion Control


Move your way to fitness

Muscle Loss accelerates  as we age

Exercise to maintain lean muscle


Count your zzz’s.

A LACK of sleep makes  you hungry.

Try to get at least 7 hours


Change Your Unhealthy Lifestyle

Dump the junk food  and sodas

Form new, healthy habits


Have a concrete PLAN

“Failing to plan  is planning to fail.”


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