Finally Lose Weight With the Insulin Resistance Diet

Losing weight is hard, no matter how motivated you are.

But if you feel like it’s especially difficult for you, even if you do everything by the book, then you might be insulin resistant.

The CDC estimates that about 1 in 3 Americans are prediabetic, which means even more people are insulin resistant.

It can be caused by excess body fat, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, genetics, or a combination.

Symptoms include:  - feeling tired,  - struggling to lose weight,  - not feeling satiated,  - and more. 

If that sounds like you, then the insulin resistance diet is exactly what you need to finally lose weight!

1. Go on a Carb Detox

Cut out carbs for at least a week or two.

Your body needs a chance to rest and recover after speed-processing glucose for so long.

2. Shop the Outskirts of the Grocery Store

Make sure to eat lots of fresh foods--especially leafy, green veggies--and avoid the high-carb, shelf-stable foods.

3. Eat Fat to Lose Fat

Although fats are high calorie and have gotten a bad rap, they are actually necessary for weight loss and healthy hormone production

(Did I mention insulin is a hormone?)

4. Fill Up on Protein

Eating plenty of lean protein will help you burn extra calories while giving your body the lasting nutrients and energy it needs.

5. Avoid Processed Foods

Stay away from processed junk, even if it seems healthy, and opt for whole, fresh foods whenever possible.

6. Stop Eating All The Time

Consider trying intermittent fasting, where you limit your food intake to certain hours of the day.

It will give your body a small break from processing glucose, as well as reduce your calorie intake. 

Click the link below for details on the insulin resistance diet.