Chrystal's Weight Loss Success Story

Learn how Chrystal Regained Her Confidence and Lost Over 46 Pounds in Just 6 Months!

Chrystal before the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

“I was so unhappy with myself, uncomfortable all the time, unmotivated, and my confidence was so low.”

— Crystal

For Chrystal, that final straw was when she stepped on the scale one day, and realized she weighed 219 lbs. 

The Turning Point

but, she hit a plateau, and simply couldn’t get through it. 

She tried on her own for a while....

and lost a total weight loss of 46.2lbs just in 6 months

Chrystal’s joined the Challenge!

“This diet is life changing. Once you see the results in the first week, then by day 21, you’re down 12-15lbs, it motivates you to keep going. It’s so easy to follow because it tells you exactly what to do.”

— Crystal

Chrystal is thrilled with her weight loss so far, and plans to lose an additional 14 lbs in order to reach her goal of 75lbs! 

What's Next for Chrystal?

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