Can Exercise Reverse Insulin Resistance?

Do you have insulin resistance? You're not alone. But the good news is that it's reversible! Here's how exercise  can help.

Burning glucose and improving your cardiovascular health is very important in the battle against insulin resistance.

Exercise and Insulin Levels

Just one week of bedrest has shown to send healthy, insulin sensitive people, temporarily into insulin resistance. 

When You Don't MOVE Enough

During exercise, your body converts glucose stores into energy, opening up storage space for more glucose, and instantly reducing your insulin resistance.

When You DO Move Enough

If you want to reduce your insulin resistance quickly, there are certain workouts that have been shown to have an improved impact on insulin sensitivity.

Best Exericse to Reverse Insulin Resistance 

Research shows the movements in many yoga positions massage and stimulate the pancreas and stimulates insulin secretion.


With a HIIT workout, your fast-twitch muscle fibers do most of the work–which stimulates greater glucose uptake.


A fantastic way to get in shape and improve your insulin resistance without stressing out. Just start moving!


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