7 Hard Truths: Why You're Not Losing Weight

Losing weight is about more than just burning more calories than you eat. Factors, including your mindset and your hormonal balance can play a major role.

Maybe you tell yourself that you’re counting calories, but you give yourself a freebie when you’re in the break room at the office.

You’re lying to yourself.


You need to cut out inflammatory foods, like gluten and dairy which can interfere with nutrient absorption.

You’re eating the wrong foods.


Your body prioritizes metabolizing alcohol over everything else. So if you are drinking alcohol, you're NOT burning fat.

Too much alcohol


Allowing a small splurge at one meal is totally fine, but binge-eating the entire cheat day can actually set you back weeks in your health journey.

Your Cheat Day is Out of Control


Shying away from hunger can lead you to eat for comfort or to eat too many small meals throughout the day, contributing to a higher calorie count. 

You avoid hunger pains


If you’re sleep deprived or don’t get adequate rest, your metabolism can suffer.

You’re not sleeping well


Don’t look at exercise as a free pass to eat more; weight loss happens primarily as a result of your diet.

You're Eating Exercise Calories 


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