5 Yoga Tips for Beginner Yogis

Yoga is a brilliant practice centered around  breathing control, meditation, body control, and so much more.

-Powerful fat burner -Increased energy -Better sex -Better eating decisions -Lowered blood pressure -Better posture -Fewer cravings -Many others

Yoga Benefits

The key is to press down firmly into the fingers to alleviate the pressure on the wrist.

Avoid Wrist Pain


Focus first on mastering the key poses for flexibility and fat burning. Save the complicated poses for later.

Keep it simple


Write down poses you need to work on and other yoga tips you learn along the way.

Use a practice journal


Seeing your mat every morning will act as a positive reinforcement for your practice.

 Keep your yoga mat out


Yoga is one of the most powerful fat- burning workout tools on the planet (especially for women)

Yoga CAN burn fat


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