5 Yoga Poses  for Flat Abs

Looking to tone your abs with some yoga? These five poses are perfect for beginners and will help you achieve a flatter stomach.

When you’re in this position, focus on tightening your core muscles and make sure that the butt stays lined up with body. Don't drop down or raise above it!



This is an effective core strengthener which activates your power center. The move also helps engage your abs and other core muscles.

Boat Pose


This pose requires a lot of concentration, strength, and balance. Draw strength from your core, not your legs.

Warrior III


An exercise that incorporates almost all of the muscles behind us as well as the abdominals and works them against gravity. 

Superman Pose


Great for strengthening your core and internal organs, particularly the digestive organs and kidneys, for greater all-around health.

Revolved Chair Pose


Click the below link more information on how to perform these yoga poses!